Reviews and Testimonials

from those that have taken tours from Captain Bubby’s!



“My Sanibel Island Christmas Day with Captain Bubby’s IsLAND Tours and all the birds and other wildlife.”

I wanted this Christmas Day, 2015, to be special, green and forever memorable. Although my profession is cats, I am a lover of birds, although not a birder. The pelican is a bird that I fancy because it is so ridiculous looking, particularly when it roosts in the trees as it does on Sanibel Island. So when my sister and husband wouldn’t be in town for Christmas, I decided to visit the pelicans on Sanibel Island. Maybe I’d see them in the trees. As the Ding Darling Wildlife Refugee would be closed, a Friday and Christmas, the director suggested I contact the Captain Bubby’s IsLAND Tours. So it was all arranged. They met me at the Fort Myer’s things I appreciated about the area. And is Sanibel ever green and ecologically conscious — so important to me, because I volunteered at the first Earth Day in 1970 in Manhattan. Captain Bubby and assistant studied with the Sanibel naturalists — so all the information they gave me was right on the birds…… so to speak. I was truly with two people who sincerely love what they do — all about birds and the environment. Their passion is catching. So I saw many pelicans, not in the trees, but the Yellow Egrets filled in for them. Sanibel is a haven for photos. You’ve gotta go. When you do, please give these very special people my regards.
Thank you,
The Cat Therapist, N.Y.C.
Visited December 2015


We had the pleasure of being personally escorted on one of your wonderful tours a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know how pleasant of an experience it was. Your attention to details and the personalized treatment you showered us with made us feel very special while showing us the beauty of the islands. We would enthusiastically recommend your tour to others that are interested in the Fort Myers, Sanibel and Captiva areas. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of knowledge you exhibited and shared with us, making our tour not only fun but also very informative. It was also greatly appreciated that you did not rush us through all the sights and gave us a leisurely tour, allowing us to be able to see everything we wanted at our own pace. The eclectic “Bubble Room” restaurant you graciously took us to was like the “icing on the cake” for this magnificent tour. The restaurant was like nothing we had ever seen, very quirky and fun; the food was fabulous and the desserts were scrumptious. Your bubbling personalities and breathtaking sights made for an overall fantastic experience which we will cherish for a long time.

Bubby and Paula were wonderful tour guides — especially in that they were so well versed in island history and the abundance of flora and animal life on and around the island. Half way into our experience, it became clear that we would need more — so our three-hour tour turned into a four-hour tour complete with a visit to Captiva Island and a great lunch at Bubbles. Bubby and Paula spoke back and forth about everything we saw and had an answer to every question we asked. They were happy to tailor the experience to our needs and we are certain that the fun we will have on the rest of our visit will owe mightily to having taken the Bubby tour first. This is a must do for anyone visiting the island for the first time and/or anyone who would like to meet two fine people and make a few new quality friends at the same time. We saw Dolphins, Manatees, an Alligator, scores of birds, and many other animals. We saw what seemed like every square foot of the island — each spot as interesting as the last and we learned about how to take full advantage of the time we will have during our week-long stay. Many thanks to the best tour guides we have ever encountered — Bubby and Paula!

Visited November 2015 by Gregory Jones

“Captain Bubby loves her job and it shows!”

I chose Captain Bubby’s Island Tours because it is a female owned business. We contracted with Bubby for a two-hour shelling tour. The time and experience was a bargain. Not only did we find a wonderful collection of specimen shells of every variety, we were completely entertained. Bubbly and Paula are knowledgeable, thoughtful and completely charming! They are great fun to work with and could not be any nicer. We will definitely look Bubby and Paula up the next trip to Sanibel. It was like hanging out with a couple of great friends that are really smart!

Visited October 2015 by RHO11 for Sanibel Island

We recently took a tour with captain bubby. It was the best time we had…they are very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. I recommend to anyone wanting to take a tour that they should definitely choose Captain Bubby.


“Relaxing, informative & fun for the whole family!”

My family went on a customized tour with Captain Bubby and Paula today. They were so nice and very informative of island history, best sports for shelling & wild life watching. I have 4 children ranging from 8 to 14 and they all had a great time!

I truly appreciate their attention to what we wanted and even taking extra time to allow us to watch the manatees. Thanks Captain Bubby and Paula for going above and beyond to make our tour a great experience!


“Excellent Intro to the Islands Tour”

My colleague and I participated in the Intro to the Islands Tour of Sanibel and Captiva and I have lived in this area since 1998 and learned so many new and interesting facts about Sanibel and Captiva. It was a very comfortable ride and we made frequent stops to learn about landmarks and historical facts. The tour guides, Bubby and Paula, were excellent and really know their stuff. They were very personable, took photos throughout our tour and were very accommodating tour guides. I would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone that would like to learn more about the area and where to go while visiting the islands in beautiful Southwest Florida.


“Friendly and knowledgeable”

We had a super time with Capt. Bubby and Paula. We got a personal tour of Sanibel and Captiva islands. We had a blast.

“Classy, comfortable, fun!”

Captain Bubby and Paula took on a hard-to-impress group of local tourism professionals and journalists, and easily managed to impress and delight us all. I thought I was fairly savvy about the hidden places, island lore and nature secrets of Sanibel and Captiva Islands. I was wrong! A highly personalized tour by gracious guides in a pristine, super-comfy van. Highly recommended.



These pictures are dedicated to my Daughter, Hannah Goddard, who has an absolute love for the Manatee. As a young child and teen she came with us to Sanibel and Captiva and, when funds allow, she hopes to return. We would like to thank Captain Bubby Howell and Paula Schuttera for all the hard work and dedication helping Hannah’s young class of school children in the U.K. They all now understand and adore Manatees too. Anyone visiting the Islands who want to learn about the area and it’s flora and fauna should try Captain Bubby Howell’s IsLand Tours! You won’t be disappointed! So informative!! These islands, in my opinion, are the BEST in the world!!review-pic3




We enjoyed the tour, and the info helped us feel oriented for the rest of our trip. We learned a lot in the short time. Thanks!

Ed and Phyllis


We had an excellent experience with these two very pleasant tour guides. The tour they offered was very worthwhile. We are very glad we decided on this tour provider and recommend this company highly.

Mary D. and Richard D.


Pirate Scavenger Hunt Tour

Went here today with 3 young children and it was a fun learning adventure for the kids and adults. We now know more about some of the birds, shells, trees and wildlife. Captain Bubby and Paula are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!


Thanks so much

Just spent a wonderful long weekend on Sanibel with good friends from high school. What a great time just catching up, hanging out, and enjoying life. We saw manatees, too many cool birds to mention, wonderful sunsets, lots of shelling, and dolphins cavorting in the wake of our boat. Thanks so much to Captain Bubby’s IsLAND Tours for providing such great opportunities to explore, photograph, and learn about Sanibel with Bubby Howell and Paula.

What a fun filled weekend with Captain Bubby! Did an island tour, that we really enjoyed. It was great to learn about the local wildlife and all the efforts being made to protect them. Seen an amazing sunset. Went on an afternoon cruise on the tall ship Lynx, where we enjoyed a history lesson about some of our American past. A bucket list must do, for this great experience!


Spectacular tour with great people !!!!

Captain Bubby and Paula are wonderful. I really enjoyed my “create your own” tour with them of Sanibel Island and Captiva. I would definitely recommend any tour with them. They are very friendly and try to make sure every person is comfortable and happy. I saw a lot of wildlife, beautiful views and a spectacular sunset.

Pam from CT