Down by the Sea Tour

in beautiful southwest Florida


Beach life and shelling abound in the Down by the Sea tour!

Maybe this is your first time at the beach. Maybe you’ve gone many times before but never really noticed the whole other world going on all around you. Maybe you love to shell and just want to learn more. Whatever your background, Captain Bubby will lead you on a guided beach walk, while you scope out the different plants, shells and sea life you encounter along the way. Shelling tours are provided anywhere throughout beautiful southwest Florida.


  • When are the best times to shell?
  • What is a wrack line?
  • How do you tell if a shell is alive?
  • What is that “blob” over there?
  • What is that bird flying with a fish in its mouth?
  • What is it about this area that makes it a world-class shelling destination?

Get the answers to these questions and many more! Remember, you never know what you’ll find at the beach because every day is different. That’s part of the magic!

Note: Light walking takes place on this tour and you may get wet. Bathing suit attire is not mandatory, but recommended. Don’t forget your shell bag and/or net, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect you from the intense Florida sun!

Let’s go to the beach!

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