Friend of the Islands Tour

on Captiva and Sanibel Island, Florida


Discover the secrets of southwest Florida!

There is a very close connection between the soil, the plants, and all animal life, including people. Understanding this connection, and the impact we have upon it, is important to preserving the wilderness, as well as to our own well-being as members of the web of nature. The goal of the Friend of the Islands is to make participants aware of all the living things in the outdoors, to teach them about plants and animals, and help them develop an appreciation for nature.

Many young people today are disconnected from nature. This generation of children is the first to grow up mostly playing indoors. Their plugged-in lives are largely devoid of exploring the natural world. Studies have shown that this movement indoors is effecting the health of children: attention difficulties, hyperactivity, childhood obesity, diminished use of senses, disconnect from things that are real. Additionally, if children are detached from nature, how will they learn about, understand, and value nature? How will the next generation care about the land and be stewards of its resources?

By connecting people to themselves and the environment, we will create change internally and externally. Studies have shown environmental education engages youth in learning, raising test scores, and encouraging youth to transfer their knowledge into positive environmental action. On this tour, Captain Bubby will lead families in exploring the plant life, wild life and marine life found on Captiva and Sanibel. Families will engage in a series of different outdoor activities with numerous opportunities to touch, feel and interact with the area’s natural surroundings. After completing a set of activities and showing understanding of how to respect and protect the environment, youth will earn the title of “Friend of the Islands” and receive a certificate and medal.

… there is a world of undiscovered secrets waiting to be explored.

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