We came, We Raced, We Conquered?


Captain Bubby’s IslAND Tour joined in the Fourth of July festivities by participating in the Road Rally scavenger hunt that benefits the Sanibel Optimists Club. This year’s Road Rally began at the Timbers Restaurant with the City of Sanibel Manager Judy Zimomra sending the first vehicle off at noon. Then every two minutes, a car left the parking lot with a list of 130 questions that had to be answered, as well as some bonus questions, and Elvis trivia questions.

We don’t yet how we “officially” finished, but we think we were the winners. We were able to finish the race within the two and half hour time limit and answers most of the questions. We were able to make Elvis proud and answered all of the Elvis Trivia questions. We followed the clues and answered the four bonus
questions. As far as the 130 questions that we had to find answers for by following the clues in the scavenger hunt that took us all over Sanibel and Captiva, well those we found more challenging and for several we got as creative as did in decorating the van.